About Jenn Hanson

Hi there! I'm Jenn Hanson, and I make hand poured soy candles and handmade body products in Arizona. It is a fun hobby that I enjoy outside of my day job as an attorney. As much as I love making candles and scrubs, I have way too many finished products for my own personal use. Thus, I sell my candles and scrubs here in my online store and locally in Phoenix, AZ.

My hobby first took off when I made sugar scrubs as gifts for family, friends, and co-workers over the holidays. The feedback was very encouraging, so I kept going. I branched out from sugar scrubs to making soy container candles, and then I experimented with shea body butter. In early January 2018, however, I had a health scare that required surgery. I was in pain and felt like I was losing my mind, so I channeled my energy into this craft. It was a fun, healthy outlet that helped me get through that experience. I'm all better now and have enjoyed making my products for fun!

These days, I have been busy with craft fairs around the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. I have also been making many different custom candles. I am proud of my products and encourage you to give them a try!